Family Photo Shoot


So we decided to go with a family photo shoot this year for Christmas pictures versus a trip to the portrait studio. Let me state that the last visit to get family pictures taken at this studio resulted in a 2 hour wait because they were running behind.  And the pictures were horrible. Much complaining goes on that there are too many children, (this done by the employee’s). There is NO creativity in the shots, and then the ones taken make me cringe that I even paid for this. Oh-and last time, after viewing the photos to choose for the order, I asked where one paticular photo was. To which was replied~”My(being the photographer) hand was in it. Maybe next time you will get a better photographer”  WHAT??? I am paying you because you are suppose to be good!!

So when it came time to discuss what to do for the Christmas pic, we decided to call up a friend and see what he could do.  Results~ Amazing photography and a really fun afternoon of running around just being us. Eric and I both agree that these pics of us are better than what we got from our wedding.  Maybe that’s because we are so much more comfortable with each other now than we were on our wedding day.















About dazzlingingrace

Hmm.. I love Jesus. I love my husband, Eric. I love my 8 beautiful children. I loved living in California. I love sunshine and the beach. Shopping at farmers market and the little stores downtown where I can bargin for the best deal. I love to sew and make things. I love spending time with girlfriends encouraging each other. Date nights with Eric are fabulous. I love ballroom dancing with him. The smell of my new little baby and the miracle of their existance. I love italian food- or just about all of Italy for that matter. I love art- paintings on my wall that I know personally who painted them.
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8 Responses to Family Photo Shoot

  1. Those ARE fabulous! I love the simplicity of the outfits, it really makes you concentrate on the subjects!

  2. LarissaN says:

    Gorgeous, Cheryl!!!!

  3. Oooo, these are GOOD!  It looks like the camera captured your family quite well this time.

  4. Izzysgal says:

    I’m so jealous! this is so what I wanted, just us being comfortable. Of course we had to do an inside shoot, because it’s too cold here, but still, I would like some creative shots. You all look fabulous, a beautiful mother you are. Fun pictures to treasure, and I agree no more studies for me either, they just don’t think outside the box so well, and especially with all the kiddos.

  5. Amy Lafferty says:

    Amazing pictures, Cheryl! Those are absolutely beautiful!

  6. Such a beautiful family!

  7. nicolscc says:

    You are such a beautiful family – great pics!!  And I really appreciated what you had to say in the previous post about the reason for celebrating Christmas.  Maybe it’s having a baby – maybe it’s not having the resources to stress out about gifts , but I have found myself really wanting to get back to the beauty of Christmas – like you said, giving out of a heart blessed by the indescribable gift of Jesus Christ.  It has been too easy to get caught up in the gifts (and commercialism) and lose the peace of the “Why” that this season brings!  Fun to find someone else on xanga from real life (even if I have only met you once )!

  8. Hutch5 says:

    wonderful shots! i agree… running around “just being us” always makes the best pictures. such a gorgeous family you are! Happy New Year~

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