~My New Upholstered Headboard~

It’s finally finished! When we moved into this house, I began the hunt for a new bed. We had decided it was time to replace our mattresses. They were the “original” model. (The ones Eric bought right before we got married.) So I did my research and decided to go with Memory Foam. Result, a 150 pound box delivered to my front doorstep. I waited fro Eric to get home to open it.

There were special instructions on how to open the box. Slowly the mattress began to “unfold” to it’s full size. Very interesting…

So now that we had a new mattress we started looking for a new bedroom set. We spent sometime looking around, but decided that we would wait to buy a new bedroom set. Mostly because they were all HUGE, and while they would look beautiful in this bedroom in this house, if we have to move to a smaller house after this one, we might be in trouble trying to fit the bedroom set into the bedroom. So I decided to piece something together. Which can be quite fun. I was flipping through a magazine and saw an upholstered head board. Beautiful!!! That was what I wanted. I could chose the fabric to match the room perfectly, and I love taking on projects like this. So I presented my idea to Eric.( I was going to need him to build a frame for the bed and aid me in some power tool help.

I purchased the following list.
3″ foam
3/4 plywood
staple gun, staples (always wanted a staple gun)
buttons to cover

I first covered the buttons.

Next I had Eric cut the plywood to the exact size. We decided to assemble it in the bedroom to keep the fabric clean.
We set up 4 stools to elevate the plywood to working level. At this point, Eric and his master woodworking/building skills took over. He accessed the situation, asked me what my plans were and went to work. This is often what happens in our house. I come up with some brilliant idea, but it is Eric who executes it because I get in over my head. And he is a perfectionist and I am not.

So we layerd the plywood first. Foam second. Batting third. And fabric last.

Next Eric stapled about three hundred staples in the bottom.

The corners were a little tricky.

After everything was stapled to the plywood, Eric drilled holes through the plywood and foam. This was for the “tufting” This is where you take buttons and pull them very tightly through all the layers towards the plywood to give a “bunched” look. He then took crochet hooks to pull the string the button was attached to and tied to the back side og the plywood. Result, a beautifully custom made upholstered headboard!!


About dazzlingingrace

Hmm.. I love Jesus. I love my husband, Eric. I love my 8 beautiful children. I loved living in California. I love sunshine and the beach. Shopping at farmers market and the little stores downtown where I can bargin for the best deal. I love to sew and make things. I love spending time with girlfriends encouraging each other. Date nights with Eric are fabulous. I love ballroom dancing with him. The smell of my new little baby and the miracle of their existance. I love italian food- or just about all of Italy for that matter. I love art- paintings on my wall that I know personally who painted them.
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7 Responses to ~My New Upholstered Headboard~

  1. ywarfield says:

    Love it! It goes really well w/ the wall paper. Love the white bedding too. Your bed is huge.

  2. Great job!! That looks wonderful!

  3. seanjoli says:

    oh, it is so beautiful!!!

  4. SpazzyMommy says:

    Wow! Your brave!! πŸ™‚ I could dream something like that up, but would be afraid of not being able to do it! πŸ™‚ Great job!!!!

  5. mellibella says:

    That turned out awesome…update us on how the mattress sleeps πŸ™‚

  6. littledogrox says:

    It is GORGEOUS!! I wish I had the time to do more projects

  7. Hutch5 says:

    it looks awesome! great job Cheryl~how do you like the memory foam mattress?

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