~Our New Home~

**edited this, this morning, because it was after midnight when I finally had a few minuets to post this and after falling a sleep a few times in the process, I never even read it though to make sure it all made sense. So here is the edited version.***

A few weeks ago, about 5, Eric mentioned to me that he wanted to start looking at houses. We have been saving this past year, with a goal of buying our FIRST home ever! All these years we have rented. Little tiny houses, all the way up to the big beautiful house that we rented this last year. We have rented houses in different countries. We have rented houses that belong to family, we have rented houses in the country and the city. Houses with no AC in very hot places. Houses that looked liked someone had rebuilt an engine on the living room floor and houses with brand new paint and carpet.

And all these years we have talked, dreamed, and planned on the day that we could buy a house. Most years the idea was so far out of sight that it seemed as if it was just a far fetched dream. School was always the most important thing and that was always fore-front in our minds. Finishing one degree and moving on to the next. And then Eric finally finished. So we started REALLY talking about buying a house. We even considered trying to buy a house right after graduation. But, decided that buying a practice was a better idea. So we rented another house, and decided to wait another year.

And that’s when Eric brought up the idea that we should start looking at houses. My first thoughts were that I didn’t really want to move. I love the house that we were renting and I was going to have a baby this summer. I had been savoring the idea that this summer would be a simple quiet summer where I could have a baby and do nothing else. The children and I worked hard this year so that we would be all done with school, so we could actually take the summer off. Which is a first. Eric’s job was not going to move us anywhere, and no more schools to have to relocate to. No vacations planned and nothing big written on the calendar. Just a baby and some much needed R&R.

So after Eric asked me to call the real estate agent and set up some houses to look at, I did. That was on a Wednesday. We spent that Saturday looking at four houses. The first house we looked at we originally said “No way!!” It was a bank owned foreclosure and was one of the oddest houses I have seen. Built on a single family permit, but really a duplex, it mirrored each side just like a duplex would, except that you could go all through the house because doors had been cut in the walls that originally had no access between the rooms. there are no hallways upstairs. You just go through one room to get to the next, to get to the next room. Weird. Very weird. But the house was huge. And the property had so much “potential” as Eric said. And really so did the house. IF we tore down walls and made new rooms and put in new flooring and moved the kitchen to the other side of the house and took off the ugly wallpaper and added a mud room and made a new patio with an outdoor kitchen and moved the front door so it would be centered to the house and not off on the side and planted an orchard and put in a pool and …and…and.

So after looking at a few more houses that day, we parted ways with our agent and decided to drive back over to the house and look at it again. Mostly because we had not been that impressed with anything else we had looked at and everything else seemed way over priced because people still want to sell their homes for what they were worth 5 years ago. And Eric works way to hard to buy something that is so over-priced.

So that evening he said that he wanted to make an offer on this crazy house. A really low offer. I reminded him that I was hoping to not move this summer. Just have a baby. He once again assured me that the chances of the bank taking our offer were so low. And then even if they did, we might not get a loan because banks are not giving out very many loans right now. And how these bank owned homes take forever to negotiate with and then close on. That it could be 6 months before we even heard back from the bank. I sighed, knowing somewhere in my heart that by making this offer, we had just pushed a huge rock down the side of the mountain. So Monday we made the offer. Thursday the bank countered. The following Monday we countered back. And then that Wednesday they accepted our offer.

My head literally felt like it was spinning around in circles. The bank had accepted our ridiculously low offer. Our local bank was going to finance it for us. And that was it. It was done. We signed about a million papers. Some of them made us promise that none of our relatives were international spies. (I think the spies would lie here and anybody else would be honest, but they still make you sign that you have no knowledge on this subject.) And that was it. We had just bought a house. Four weeks from start to finish.

And all along I knew that this was going to be how it would all turn out. Never say you’ll not do something. Like not move and just have a lazy summer. So the packing began. A few boxes here and there. Slow and steady. I was so glad that I had saved all the boxes from our move up here last summer. They were all broke down and neatly stacked in the attic. So I had the boys haul them out and tape them up. And I started in their closet and slowly worked my way through that whole house.

And then I had a baby. And took a week off. Kinda. And then we moved the next weekend. With a two week old. And now here we are. In our very own home. Somedays I feel totally overwhelmed. Looking at all the projects that are on “The List”. And the boxes that need to be unpacked but that I have no clue where to put the stuff coming out of the box. Because this house lacks closets. And most of the rooms downstairs could be a living room, yet I have only the need for one living room. Like I said earlier. It’s a weird house. But then I stand in my kitchen making dinner or sit in the living room nursing baby and think, “This is ours, this house is really ours!! I can paint or do anything I want, because it’s mine!!”

Painting the boys room before we move in.

Eric taking a chain saw to my kitchen wall so my fridge will fit.

The “before” pic of the front part of the property.

About dazzlingingrace

Hmm.. I love Jesus. I love my husband, Eric. I love my 8 beautiful children. I loved living in California. I love sunshine and the beach. Shopping at farmers market and the little stores downtown where I can bargin for the best deal. I love to sew and make things. I love spending time with girlfriends encouraging each other. Date nights with Eric are fabulous. I love ballroom dancing with him. The smell of my new little baby and the miracle of their existance. I love italian food- or just about all of Italy for that matter. I love art- paintings on my wall that I know personally who painted them.
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10 Responses to ~Our New Home~

  1. cerwindoris says:

    Love the potential with the house. Have fun.

  2. (squeals)soooo happy for you!! have fun making your very first home ‘you’!! but, don’t pressure yourselves into getting it all done now..we’ve been in our first own home for almost 3 years, and it’s still a work in progress!blessings to you!

  3. it may be weird but it looks really cool too.  That is amazing that you became homeowners in 4 weeks.  Happy homemaking to you in your new home!

  4. JsSteph7 says:

    How exciting! You make it sound so easy! Your new house looks so neat, I look forward to progress pictures. 🙂

  5. jmtmpm says:

    Congratulations on your new home! I don’t think itt looks weird… I really rather like it!

  6. I LOVE your new house!!!  It’s so neat!  It does have so much potential.  I’ve been watching HGTV while I nurse Sarah and I think you should try to get on one of those shows…you have an awesome story that would make for good ratings, LOL, mom of 6 just having her 7th, trying to tackle all that work…….you need help!All that space, how wonderful it will be for your family.  Congrats!

  7. seanjoli says:

    Wow, so beautiful! I am so happy for you! Have fun and keep posting pictures. Your children look so happy

  8. srheam says:

    Keep posting the pictures.  It is always neat to see how things turn out with home improvements projects.  How exciting to be in your own home!!  (you will look back, I’m sure, and wonder how you did it all…)

  9. bloggerpaul says:

    Wow, a chain saw in the kitchen. (Mad scientist comes to mind) That’s a really cool house! I bet the boys are going to have a load of fun playing out in the yard. I think some tree swings are in order. (I’d help put ’em up, but I can’t drive. 😦 ) I’m looking forward to some more pictures of the renovation!Have fun! And find time to rest. How’s the baby doing?

  10. mysweetpeas says:

    @bloggerpaul – Hey~ Thanks for the note! We are all doing great. the boys just LOVE this place. They already have two tire swings up! You guys are welcome to come down anytime. Hope to start pizza nights again this fall.

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