~Hot Springs~

So the other day, I caught Michael and Ben running out the backdoor with a trashcan full of steaming water from the bathtub. “Stop!!” I yelled. “What in are you doing?” They explained to me that they had dug a whole in the hill in the back yard.  They were filling it up with hot water and going to “soak” for awhile. Before I could even stop it, “NO” came right out of my mouth. It was still frozen outside. Surely they would all catch colds and die. But then I saw the energy and excitement bubbling out of them. “Oh, I guess it’s ok.” I said. They spun around. “Really, Mom?? Can we put our swim suits on too?” “Sure. Just promise me you won’t stay out there to long.” They raced up stairs, put on their swimsuits, and were soon soaking away in their little mud pit. They talked Laura into bringing out a few more buckets of hot water. All four of the boys ended up put there. I followed them out and inspected their work. NOt bad. Big enough for the four of them. Steam billowing up, just like a real hot springs. And four very happy little boys. They didn’t last long, all of about 5 min. Then they raced back in the house for hot showers and hot cocoa. Love how these boys play so hard and creatively!!   Photobucket







PhotobucketLaura took a few pictures of us before we headed out to the Annual Dental Society Christmas Party.




About dazzlingingrace

Hmm.. I love Jesus. I love my husband, Eric. I love my 8 beautiful children. I loved living in California. I love sunshine and the beach. Shopping at farmers market and the little stores downtown where I can bargin for the best deal. I love to sew and make things. I love spending time with girlfriends encouraging each other. Date nights with Eric are fabulous. I love ballroom dancing with him. The smell of my new little baby and the miracle of their existance. I love italian food- or just about all of Italy for that matter. I love art- paintings on my wall that I know personally who painted them.
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2 Responses to ~Hot Springs~

  1. srheam says:

    Love the “hot springs”.  I don’t think I would have allowed it.  The “mess factor” would be way too high for me…LOL. 

  2. redladybug18 says:

    Lol. how creative! I never would have thought of doing such a thing! There’s more then one way to have a hot tub in your back yard I guess :)You and your husband look so cute and lovely!

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